We aim to provide high quality care and learning to all children by ensuring we know each child and their needs by involving parents. Parents as partners add to their child’s learning journey by taking an active part in the nursery life. We offer two free settling in sessions where parents are encouraged to do a development baseline for their child, care plan and all about me etc. After the child settles in we do a detailed assessment of the child to identify ages and stages of development. From there we start working on child’s progress by developing individual next steps. All staff is fully competent to assess, observe and plan using guidelines from EYFS. Effective key person system is also in place to ensure babies, toddlers and preschool children have warm, engaged and responsive relationship with their key person (main carer).

Baby Room

A warm and caring environment in baby room ensures that our babies settle in smoothly and their individual needs are met. Our babies are well equipped and resourced to provide a cosy space to feel safe and comfortable. To support all important trial and error stage of development we give plenty of opportunities and encourage babies to understand cause and effect. Baby room is all about sensory activities to promote holistic development and focuses on three prime areas of development (PSED, CL, PD).

Toddler Room

Our toddler room provides good balance of child led and adult led activities to promote age appropriate learning. As we are aware that toddlers have new sense of growing independence, we provide them with challenging and stimulating activities to promote and develop independence. We positively role model kindness and empathy towards our children. According to developmental theorist, Jean Piaget first two years of a child’s life are sensorimotor stage. During this stage of development, children learn through senses and movements. That’s why we have Yoga Lessons where children indulge in dance and movement sessions


In our preschool we promote independence, self-confidence and self-awareness, learning through play. We support children’s wellbeing through positive interactions. Effective planning impacts children’s learning and supports school readiness. Staff carefully plan challenging, stimulating activities covering all seven areas of development in EYFS. We provide high quality teaching and learning to enhance intellectual, social and behaviour development. Practitioners in Pre-School have higher qualifications to support high quality learning experiences to enhance progress. We give equal importance to education and social development as they are complementary to each other. We believe children make better all-around progress if they are provided with good opportunities in both. Cradle also offers Multi-Sports sessions that encourages physical development for our pre-schoolers.

Outdoor Play

We believe that Outdoor Play has endless benefits, we ensure plenty of free float play to allow children to express themselves freely. Children are able to jump, shout and explore to their heart contents. Playing outdoor freely supports children’s development both physically and mentally. We encourage children to appreciate nature and environment which helps them to understand risk taking.

All Weather Indoor Play Area

We have a dedicated Indoor Play Area in case of adverse weather so that our children can still have an opportunity to burn all energy through jumping and indoor obstacle course.